Review Request: Fix KIO::directorySizeJob returns wrong file count in some situtaions.

David Faure faure at
Mon Mar 30 18:55:38 BST 2009

On Monday 30 March 2009, Hans Meine wrote:
> On Montag 30 März 2009, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > Regarding the second part, I disagree with your opinion. IMHO "subfolder"
> > can also be read as "subfolder of the folder you're currently viewing" -
> > which is what I'm interpreting that word as. So maybe we don't need to fix
> > the number that it shows, but I think the text itself needs improvement.
> How about "%1 files and %2 folders with %3 subfolders"?

A bit confusing, since the files are (can be) also inside the folders.
If you select 1 file and 1 folder, and that folder has 1 subfolder with 1 file in it, we could say
- "2 folders and 2 files" (undiscriminated count; confusing with just 1 folder selected imho)
- "2 files and 1 folder with 1 subfolder" (your suggestion, which I find confusing)
- "2 files, 1 subfolder" (current code)
It sucks a bit in all cases :-)

Well, to be more precise, the dialog has a different field for the selected items already,
it says "1 Folder, 1 File" at the top already. What we're talking about here is
the "Size" field, which has the total size in bytes, folders and files, of the selection.

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