[PATCH] Dolphin: Options to enable/disable url

Casper Clemence maninalift at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 26 16:36:25 GMT 2009

> From: "Peter Penz" <peter.penz at gmx.at>
> Before adding an option for something I'd like to discuss whether there is no way to fix the root cause instead. There are some terminal related issues on my TODO-list - to which bug report are you referring to?

I guess that the main motivation is that Dolphin simply sends the text
"cd xxx \n" to the command-line so if there is text "yyyy" already
sitting there, the entered command will be "yyycd xxx" which is always
annoying and theoretically dangerous.

A second issue, which you may regard as a feature not a bug is that
with dolphin in split-view mode dragging an item from the non-focused
pane will cause the focus to shift to that pane and therefore a "cd"
in the terminal, however the user may have wished to keep the terminal
at the location of the first pane wile dragging the url of an item
from the second pane to the terminal.

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