Hello, announce the move to kdereview of an applet

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sun Mar 22 15:28:55 GMT 2009

A Diumenge, 22 de març de 2009, Wang Hoi va escriure:
> Moved to kdereview/plasma/applets/
> It's mainly an applet for input methods, so that persons use difference
> input methods can share the same user interface and the unified
> systemsettings input method configure integration.
> And also include a standalone application and a control module for
> systemsettings now.
> Its main features:
> * Multiple backend support, currently support SCIM and IBus(1.1.0+ version)
> * Able to float out and embbed into panel dynamically, The floating
> statusbar(a qwidget) is just a view on the same qgraphicswidget.
> * Skin support:
>     1. you can choose the skin to follow current plasma theme, then it will
> auto switch skin when user change plasma theme.
>    2.use custom theme, support install theme from Get Hot New Stuff
>    3.use javascript to layout svg, enable the abilities to do adaptive svg
> layout and "theme" the layout.
> * KCModule based configure, config pages for ui, backends are combined to
> one dialog.
> * Provide a standalone version with floating statusbar only if you don't
> want to add the applet to panel.
> Its design is simple, just provide a dbus service for input methods
> Backends(SCIM,IBus, fcitx ...) <-------->dbus<---------->kimpanel
> (org.kde.impanel)
> communicate by signals only.
> Currently the above features are finished,  Except:
> * Only one kcmodule for ui now, haven't provide kcmodule for backend,
> * The kcmodule is working, but lack help text, theme auto preview , other
> eyecandies........
> * The extra two themes are only make for horizontal statusbar and
> horizontal candidate window layout only, but default theme fully working.
> And it's also stable now, no crashes in my everyday use.
> The backend need to be configured before test this applet,  see
> backend/scim/README and backend/ibus/README
> You can even mix use SCIM and IBus for different types of programs(eg. scim
> for qt, IBus for xim and gtk), but you still have the same user interface
> and can't tell the difference without looking at their logo icon.

Is there any possibility that backends can be automatically configured? Asking 
the user to run
  ibus-daemon --panel=/<your dir>/panel.py

is not exactly user friendly


> I'd like to include it in KDE 4.3 but it will be soft freeze is in early
> April,
> So i think i have to ask for review now.

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