Root privileges in systemsettings

Dario Freddi drf54321 at
Sun Mar 22 12:32:45 GMT 2009

Hello people,

As you might know, I'm in the process of making systemsettings+kcmshell able 
to use policykit for getting root privileges and bring back the almighty 
"Administrator button" (or better not, since it will be thrown away in any 

Though, we have a small problem here regarding multiplatform stuff. PolicyKit 
is strictly for Linux (afaik it doesn't even run on Mac OS), so adding bare 
PolicyKit support would lead to a lot of ifdefs, hence a real mess.

I wrote a mail to kde-windows and kde-mac, but got no replies, so I decided to 
go on with my idea and propose it here.

What I basically thought about is a library with a Solid-like design for 
managing authorizations. Then we can create various backends for it (one using 
PolicyKit, one using Mac stuff, etc) and abstract the problem by making all 
applications in KDE needing PolicyKit using this new library instead.

A possible take would be reimplementing this in Solid. I know, Solid is 
hardware specific, but since the design is almost the same, a lot of code 
would be duplicated.

If you think this is a good idea, I can step forward and provide an API draft 
in a while.



Dario Freddi
KDE Developer
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