Patch: Fix KEncodingProber crashiness

Jeff Mitchell mitchell at
Sat Mar 21 12:17:59 GMT 2009

Wang Hoi wrote:
> Really sorry for the bad code,
> How can i use const char *, not QByteArray . My brain must be wrong at
> that time when porting it.
> fixkencodingprober_try2.patch is ok, i'll commit it.

I just sent a version 3 patch to this thread to fix other issues.  You
may want to wait on committing v2 as the same changes are also in the v3

Also, if you want to be the one committing it, please be sure to apply
it both to trunk and to 4.2 branch.  We'd like this fix to be in 4.2.2
for when Amarok 2.1 comes out.


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