getting country flags

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Wed Mar 18 23:12:47 GMT 2009

A Dilluns, 16 de febrer de 2009, Nick Shaforostoff va escriure:
> Hi. I'm writing LanguageListModel and want to provide cuntry flags.
> KIconLoader::global()->queryIconsByContext(KIconLoader::NoGroup,KIconLoader
>::International) returns empty list, although
> KIcon(QString("/usr/share/locale/l10n/%1/flag.png").arg("ru")) loads icon
> fine.
> is it my system setup (debian repositories) or KIconLoader needs fixing?

KIconLoader::International in case of oxygen goes to oxygen/32x32/intl as 
defined in its index.theme and looks for things there. As you can see it's 
NOTABUG since the flag you are loading is located at a different place.


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