Fullscreen interfaces

Torsten Rahn rahn at kde.org
Fri Mar 13 10:50:22 GMT 2009

On Thursday 12 March 2009 01:17:33 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> seeing solutions in libplasma for this reason. still, i do agree that if
> libplasma is a hammer, not everything is a nail. ;)

I think what people would like to see is a stricter and clearer specification 
of the _scope_ of plasma. That specification should outline what intent of use 
is part of plasma's development focus and what is not.

That doesn't mean that innovation and "abuse" should be forbidden. 
However a general document that would outline the intended focus and intent of 
plasma would be quite useful.
Currently I feel that there is the danger that plasma develops out of its own 
scope and becomes a desktop-environment inside a desktop environment due to 
lack of focus on the core issues it tries to solve. 

So where is the line between plasma and the desktop with its own apps and its 
own window management? And how do they relate to each other?

I also agree that the current situation of the activities vs. virtual desktops 
is really hard to understand for a user as it provides two very similar but 
orthogonal concepts that are hard to map in the spatial memory of many users.
So either there needs to happen a lot of integration between both to make it 
more clear to the user as to how both concepts relate to each other. Or the 
whole concept needs some conceptual refactoring to make it more simple to 


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