KIO::PreviewJob pixmaps + Qt4.5 crashes

Aleix Pol aleixpol at
Fri Mar 13 00:40:51 GMT 2009

While developing an application we've (me and afiestas) found that there is
some problems while trying to paint QPixmaps that come from a
KIO::PreviewJob. Here I am sending a program that exposes this problem and a
couple of backtraces that might be of some use.

The problem seems to be related to the new Qt 4.5 and its many
--graphicssystem backends since, after some research we've noticed that it
kind of works if we pass as a paremeter "--graphicssystem opengl" (with some
problems), it works perfectly if we put "--grahicssystem <anything>" (yes,
if it is not recognized it works just fine, maybe it is the old X11
environment?) and if we do not put anything or "--graphicssystem raster" it
crashes when the image is resized.

Same happens on both systems tested, both using GNU/Linux environments. This
crash happens also in dolphin (when used with the information panel, because
there is a thumbnail drawn inside), same arguments workaround is applicable

Is there any additional information needed?

Aleix Pol

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