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Dario Freddi drf54321 at gmail.com
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In data mercoledì 11 marzo 2009 20:10:30, Kevin Krammer ha scritto:
> Which shows quite nicely that any kind of D-Bus related services that want
> to be infrastructure for Free Software desktop systems will have their
> D-Bus interfaces as the official API.

Yes, but the scenario here is pretty different. There is no DBus API for 
PolicyKit, and we need to rely on its API only. Take a look at this function:


This function is the only way to access the PolicyKit API for that matter, and 
it explicitely requires a DBusError as a parameter, since PolicyKit has no 
DBus interface, but _handles_ DBus calls on itself, so that's why it needs 
some DBus specific parameters.

PolicyKit relies on DBus, but not in the sense of HAL and NM: they expose 
their interface on DBus, while PolicyKit uses DBus for its internals.

I had the same reaction when Daniel first told me we could have used those, 
but I had to make a step back after having a look at PolicyKit API.


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