overhaul of some kcm appearance

Marco Martin notmart at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 22:37:23 GMT 2009

Hi all,
There are some Kcontrol modules that shows a little preview of a tiny monitor.
now it's done by rendering a particular png in workspace/kcontrol and the tiny 
wallpaper into it.
it was fine some time ago, but now monitors have often different ratios or 
they can rotate producing an even weirder ratio
so stretching that picture can look really bad.
in plasma we solved that issue in the wallpaper settings dialog using the same 
method of the applets backgrounds, with FrameSvg, that paints composed svgs 
that looks good in any aspect ratio.
i've done a tiny library in workspace/libs/screenpreviewwidget that is used to 
paint this preview widget (and doesn't install header since is useful just to 
workspace), and adapted the screensaver andthe kdm kcontrol modules to use 
this library and with 16:9 screens looks way better

i've done the patch as little as possible to not be too invasive in the 
existing code.

is it ok? comments?

Marco Martin

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