Fwd: KFileDialog combined keyword/filename suggestion

Jonathan Marten jjm2 at keelhaul.demon.co.uk
Thu Mar 5 17:23:44 GMT 2009

(Originally sent to kde-devel, suggested there that I copy to this list).

Dear KFileDialog/KFileWidget experts,

I've created a patch to allow both the "recent keyword" and the
"suggested filename" to be specified to the static getSave* functions,
which is the most useful scenario for an application.  See previous
message thread at http://lists.kde.org/?t=123565727900004&r=1&w=2.

It compiles against current trunk and it seems to work in all cases
(with both modified and unmodified applications) - but in such a
fundamental part of KDE someone else should check it and say whether
it's the right thing to do.

The patch is attached to bug 186230
(http://bugsfiles.kde.org/attachment.cgi?id=31800).  Could someone
please take a look?  There are a copuple of typos in the API docs
which someone has already spotted.

Regards and thanks,

Jonathan Marten                         http://www.keelhaul.demon.co.uk
Twickenham, UK                          jjm2 at keelhaul.demon.co.uk

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