how to enable telling KLocale::formatByteSize which format it should produce?

David Faure faure at
Mon Mar 2 19:23:53 GMT 2009

On Saturday 28 February 2009, Marcel Partap wrote:
> > Make a new method, and add an enum parameter to that method.
> > Then port the existing method to call that new method (but leave its
> > declaration in the header file unchanged).
> ok thx david actually that's what i did have in mind.. so now here's 
> the first patch version, works but still needs a few lines of 
> commenting.. 
... and unit test additions ;)

The name could be simplified indeed. Maybe formatByteSizeTo()?

Some comments about the API:

1) don't use a bool longPrefix, use an enum {LongFormat, ShortFormat}
 (why call it "prefix" when it's about the suffix, in English at least? ;)
 Maybe LongFormat is too generic (especially in KLocale which has date formats etc.),
  something like LongSizeFormat and ShortSizeFormat would be better,
  even if it's a bit longer to type.

2) the int precision needs documentation, but also maybe a default value?
I see that the existing code calls it always with 1, so maybe the default value
should be 1. If a good default can be found for the enum too, then the calling
code can be simplified in most cases to
  locale->formatByteSizeTo(size, KLocale::GigaByte)

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