Repositioning the KDE brand

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Tue Jun 23 11:02:18 BST 2009

Hi Cornelius and the marketing team,

this is great work. I completely agree with the idea and direction.

Only one remark.

Section 3 - Implementation.

I donĀ“t think we should call the Workspace "KDE Platform".
If i hear platform i think of a development platform which is the  
opposite of the workspace.



On 23.06.2009, at 08:27, Cornelius Schumacher wrote:

> The past years have seen pervasive developments in the KDE universe.  
> The
> application framework has grown, matured and gone cross-platform, as  
> have the
> applications. Strong growth in our community has created an  
> increasingly
> diverse and large set of high-quality applications.
> Over the years the meaning of "KDE" has changed. It means much more  
> than just
> a desktop environment now. First and foremost KDE stands for the  
> community,
> and it acts as an umbrella for the broad variety of software the KDE
> community creates.
>  KDE is no longer software created by people,
>  but people who create software.
> To be able to communicate this clearly in our messaging, it is  
> necessary to
> reposition the KDE brand so that it reflects this evolution and  
> stands for
> the community, our international team of talented developers, artists,
> usability specialists, translators and other contributors who make the
> project what it is today.
> The misconception that KDE software only runs on a KDE desktop  
> stands as a
> symbol for the reasons why we need to adapt our messaging to this  
> changed
> meaning of "KDE". The marketing and promo groups have completed a  
> proposal
> how to achieve that. One key element of this proposal is to retire  
> the term "K
> Desktop Environment", and just use "KDE". See the attached document  
> for
> details.
> The goal is to implement this proposal for the 4.3 release and use the
> repositioned brand in our communication around the release  
> accordingly.
> -- 
> Cornelius Schumacher <schumacher at>
> <repositioning-the-kde-brand.pdf>

Frank Karlitschek
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