removing Eigen from kdesupport?

Benoit Jacob jacob.benoit.1 at
Sun Jun 21 18:11:05 BST 2009

(reposting from kde-devel after suggestion that this belongs rather to
this list)


As you may remember, Eigen development is no longer happening in kdesupport [1].

KDE 4.3 was so far relying on the development version of Eigen, but
this is no longer the case: we just released the stable Eigen 2.0.3
which has all the improvements needed for KDE 4.3 (namely for

So from now on, the recommended way to build KDE 4.3 (and KOffice)
should be to use Eigen 2.0.3. The version of Eigen that's left in
kdesupport should be removed (it is the state of the development
branch as it was when we moved).

My question is: do you want me to make these changes NOW ? (That
means, besides removing kdesupport/eigen2, updating all the CMakeLists
messages to point to Eigen 2.0.3 instead of kdesupport).

Or should I wait a couple of weeks so hopefully distros make packages
of Eigen 2.0.3 making it easier to build KDE when it depends on Eigen
2.0.3 ?

Or do you want eigen2 to stay in kdesupport until after the kde 4.3
release? If so, do you want me to update it with Eigen 2.0.3 to limit
the risk of divergence?


[1] it now happens here:

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