Can we* prettyplease do something about the KUrlNavigator?

Maciej Pilichowski bluedzins at
Sat Jun 20 16:14:06 BST 2009

On Thursday 18 June 2009 17:27:14 Thomas Lübking wrote:

> > I agree, already reported.
> great. i searched bugs.kde and the kde-usability archieves for
> kurlnavigator, but that was probably the wrong term :-(

I cannot find it too, but I am pretty sure I saw it :-(

> > > b.
> > > if you click it for editing, it changes it's entire appearance
> > > to 
> > > a default line edit

> > I don't see here a problem. 
> assume you click some random label and a pushbutton appeared... -

When you on tab (in general) the whole content looks different. 

And besides I don't see how it is possible to make it the same, but 

> >> - a toolbutton (in contrast to the pushbutton...) that shows an
> >> undo (to do what? undo the path change? *grrr*) icon to "go
> >> back" to the previous "breadcrumb" appearance
> >
> > You mean the similarity (between icons) is a problem?
> no. the fact that you get an undo button next to your path
> selecting lineedit (to undo the UI change...)

Ok, so it is not similarity even, but reusing the icon (I don't have 
undo icons on toolbars so I didn't notice it). Sure, it is actually a 
bug, icons/terms should not be reused.

> >> the whole thing should always look like a lineedit, with changes
> >> on the content /only/
> >
> > Because...?
> To avoid the visual change of the UI structure as consequence of
> clicking empty space.

Solution: make empty space inactive.

> To indicate that this is an input area 
> (especially if this shall ever be used w/o a fileview below). 

It is not input area in breadcrumb mode (strange name if you ask 
me ;-D).

> Because a lineedit creates more attachment to the below iconview
> than some sort of label (though this might be conditioned)

I don't even see there is any relation (visual) with lineedit and 
files pane.

> >> * when hovering a text part,
> >> --------------
> >> ° the "link" get's underlined
> >
> >Within lineedit? There are already too much horizontal lines.
> > Editbox is self-explanatory (i.e. if you don't know how to use
> > edit box, better don't touch it).
> The point is that at this very moment it's not a "normal" lineedit
> (they do not contain links) and the text item you might be about to
> click will actually trigger some action (just as a link)

But currently it is normal lineedit (KDE4.3. beta2). Is there any plan 
to make location editboxes in open/save dialog to interpret the 
links? It would be overkill (imho).


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