Can we* prettyplease do something about the KUrlNavigator?

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Fri Jun 19 19:48:42 BST 2009

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Martin T. Sandsmark wrote:

> On Thursday 18. June 2009 10:10:13 Frank Reininghaus wrote:
>> I've always thought that the way this is handled in GTK is 
quite nice (look
>> at Nautilus for example): There's a button showing a sheet 
of paper and a
>> pen in front of the URL navigator. When it's pushed, the 
navigator switches
>> from breadcrumb to line-edit mode. The button keeps its 
"pushed" look until
>> it's clicked again, at which point the navigator switches 
back to
>> breadcrumb mode.
> Heh, thanks, I never found/understood that before now, this 
actually makes the
> firefox file dialog usable. :-)
> I would rather suggest something like the current “edit-
rename” icon
> (/usr/share/icons/oxygen/48x48/actions/edit-rename.png here).

Not sure if this is just the one app, but I doubt it. I was 
using that train wreck today and it auto completes without 
triggers. Ended up with /usr/sr /usr/share/are and 
/usr/share/X11/11 because I wasn't expecting the completion. 
It's not really that much better since I'm doubling keypresses 
with bksp. I imagine changing this "feature" is either manual 
GConf hacking or non-existent since I don't have control-center 
or anything.

FWIW, I don't really like the line-of-buttons approach as GNOME 
does it...looks blocky and out of place IMHO. Something more 
streamlined that looks more "together" would be better. I 
really like the mockups that were done.

- --Ben
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