Can we* prettyplease do something about the KUrlNavigator?

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Wed Jun 17 23:58:29 BST 2009

Thomas L├╝bking wrote:
> [general moaning about kurlnavigator]
> i won't mourn about implementation details like that it hardcoded paints 
> QPalette::ButtonText on autoFillBackground() == false

...that's a bug ;-). Probably it should look at the foreground role and 
use the appropriate color. (Of course if it switches to 
always-look-like-a-line-edit, this becomes a non-issue.)

> proposal:
> [...]
> * when hovering a text part, 
> --------------
> - the textcolor is changed to QPalette::Link (which is supposed to contrast 
> QPalette::Base what itself is supposed to be the QLineEdit background role)

Actually that should be KColorScheme(<appropriate color set>)->LinkText. 
(Sigh, I should know the correct API... seeing as, y'know, /I/ wrote it...)

But then, why doesn't it /start/ LinkText and change to ActiveText? It 
seems that would be the most appropriate behavior.

> * when hovering an empty area the cursor becomes an I-beam (instead of the 
> pipe "|" at the end of the line which looks rather like a visual error)

The pipe is a caret :-). (Though, IMO, the cursor should still change to 

> * when the UrlNavigator looses the focus, the content returns to the 
> breadcrumb mode. no undo icon, ever.

While I think I'm generally in favor of this, it makes it hard to start 
editing again in the middle of the path. (Where is the "read my mind" 
setting, anyway?)

> thanks for reading until here.
> you can stop reading now.

Hey! Where's the witty .sig? ;-)

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