KToolBarPopupAction does not follow its API doc?

Marcel Partap mpartap at gmx.net
Sat Jun 6 21:55:38 BST 2009

the dox state this:
"This action is a normal action everywhere, except in a toolbar where it also has a popupmenu (optionally delayed). 
In contrast to KActionMenu, this action is a simple menuitem when plugged into a menu, and has a popup only in a toolbar."
Well to me 'is a simple menuitem' suggests that it would create a single entry just with the parent action when in fact, it also creates the submenu with child actions.. Am i misunderstanding the documentation? Because with this behavior, implementation of a duplex home button for konqueror gets more complicated than necessary; i'd rather avoid adding another go_home_popup action if possible.. clues anyone?
regards marcel.
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