backward/forward binary compatibility checker

Andrey Ponomarenko susanin at
Wed Jul 29 16:11:09 BST 2009

We have fixed your problem, but we have tested your library descriptors
only on Qt4.2.3 and Qt4.3.0 because we have not new Qt versions (4.5.3
and 4.6) yet and don't know where to find it. You may use beta 4 version
of tool, it is in the attachment. It must work on your library versions.

Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Em Quarta-feira 29 Julho 2009, às 15:18:46, Andrey Ponomarenko escreveu:
>> In the library descriptor you must specify paths to shared objects, not
>> to symbolic links.
>> The tool checks only interfaces that have been found in the specified
>> shared objects. In your example any shared objects have not been found
>> and therefore you got empty reports. In the next version (beta4) we will
>> add ability to specify symbolic links along with paths to shared objects.
> After replacing the paths with the actual absolute paths to the files, not 
> symbolic links, using your beta 3 code, the report is as attached.
> It's still empty.
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