Missing security lock icon in Konqueror's address bar... [Partial Patch Included]

Dawit A. adawit at kde.org
Wed Jul 29 16:04:29 BST 2009

The attached patch addresses the KParts side of the somtimes missing security 
lock icon in Konqueror's address bar.

The issue primarly stems from the fact that Konqueror in its wisdom to 
determine which part to embed attempts to find out the mime type of the url 
entered by the user, effectively doing a remote stat. Unfortunately, if the url 
typed was a SSL protected site or a redirection to an SSL site is requested, 
then all SSL meta data will never propagated to the html part which results in 
a missing security lock icon in the address bar. Note that this issue is 
further compounded by an additional condition

Note that this patch only ensures that the SSL meta data reaches the embeded 
part though the KParts::OpenUrlArguments parameter. What the part chooses to 
do is its business. In other words, it does not automagically fix the problem 
simply because there are many ways to address this issue, such as

1.) Change the way Konqueror attempts to determine which part to embed for 
known remote addresses like http/webdav. Instead of attempting to do what 
effectively amounts to a remote stat, simply assume "text/html", which should 
be the correct guess 99% of the time, and let the part ask for a handler if 
the assumption was incorrect and the html part is unable to handle the request 
itself, i.e. the mime type is something other than "text/html" or whatever 
else the part supports. Is that not what effectively effectively what happens 
now when a user clicks a link on a web site that the part cannot handle ? I 
dunno if this is a viable approach but it will address this particular problem 
and any other related to it because the part will be responsible for handling 
the request from the outset. There is also the additional benefit of not having 
to do the get request just to determine the mime-type of the URL. Anyhow, 
perhaps more knowledgable people than I can chim in here and shed light on 
whether this is a viable approach to solving the issue...

2.) Fix the html parts to store and make use of the SSL metadata sent throught 
KParts::OpenUrlArtugments when their openUrl functions are called which is the 
intent of this patch...

I am working on the webkitpart and I know the above patch works for me because 
I have tested it. However, I have no clue if this fix is useful for the khtml 
part. Any khtml developers want to comment on it ?
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