shared lib: conversion-lib in Plasma

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Tue Jul 28 22:29:54 BST 2009

On Tuesday 28 July 2009, Petri Damstén wrote:
> Committed changes:
> * KSharedPtr is used for storing units
> * Converter is not singleton anymore and has ref counted static member for
> data.
> * convertTo added to Value

woot! thanks for working through this ... 

as an aside: with this lib and it's associated runner active in krunner, i no 
longer have to fire up a web browser to do currency conversions (something i 
do way too often). it is SOOO much nicer to just hit alt-f2 and type "100 cad" 
and see the result in euros pop up. the future may be (at least in part) the 
"cloud", but i increasingly doubt that the web browser will be an integral 
part of that ...

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