KArrowButton still needed?

Michael Leupold lemma at confuego.org
Mon Jul 27 14:23:41 BST 2009

Hi there,

while looking over the kdeui widgets I stumbled upon KArrowButton which is a 
button that does (surprisinly) show an arrow pointing in the chosen 

Looking at the screenshot I figured there was some oddity to it as the 
Oxygen style no longer draws an outline for those buttons but still draws a 
background (see 

Furthermore KArrowButton doesn't seem to to be any different from a 
QToolButton with arrowType and autoRaise set (apart from the tool button 
looking better).

As according to lxr only kdelibs/nepomuk/core/ui/kmetadatawidget.cpp and 
some parts of umbrello are currently using KArrowButton I'd like to ask if 
we should simply deprecate it in favour of QToolButton? If not, please tell 
me what it should look like so I can fix it.


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