Should BC be applied to new libraries? (was RFC: New Module kdesdklibs?)

David Jarvie djarvie at
Sun Jul 26 12:26:08 BST 2009

On Saturday 25 July 2009 19:25:53 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On Saturday 25 July 2009, David Jarvie wrote:
> > For established libraries, there are very good reasons to insist on BC
> > being maintained for the life of KDE4. What I would question is whether
> > there shouldn't be another category of "new library", which for a limited
> > period of time - say 6 or 12 months - would be allowed to break BC.
> this is what we did with libplasma from kde 4.0->4.2 and we defined this
> policy for new additions to kdelibs that would benefit from such a period
> such as KNotificationItem:

My suggestion was prompted by Allen's posting which mentioned that BC rules 
must apply to any new libkdesdk. But what you say makes it clear that provided 
the library is issued in the right way, BC rules don't apply initially. In 
that case, I wonder whether Andreas might be able to create the library after 

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