shared lib: conversion-lib in Plasma

Petri Damstén petri.damsten at
Sun Jul 26 09:56:47 BST 2009

On Thursday 23 July 2009 23:52:17 Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> * Might be worth Conversion namespace to be named KConversion,
> KUnitConversion ?

It's now KUnitConversion.

>  * Complex class has empty constructor and destructor defined in a header,
> move it to a cpp


>  * Do you really need Unit being a QObject?

Not an QObject anymore

>  * explicit keyword in Unit constructor it's worthless, only makes sense
> for constructors with 1 parameter


>  * Might make sense forward declaring KLocalizedString in unit.h instead of
> including it
>  * Might make sense forward declaring Unit and QVariant in value.h


>  * converter.h is installed and it includes lots of files that are not
> installed rendering the file unusable

enums moved to converter.h

>  * About translation, i see you have a that creates
> libconversion.pot but you don't load libconversion catalog in any place
> inside the library, if you have a single point of entry the user of the
> library is guaranteed to use once and only once you should add it there,
> otherwise you should either:
>  a) Retire the libconversion catalog when getting inside kdelibs and let
> the kdelibs4.po catalog swallow it all
>  b) Mark clearly in the documentation that one needs to insert the
> libconversion catalog when using the library.

Loaded in singleton Converter class.

Also fixed qt and kde includes.


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