RFC: New Module kdesdklibs?

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Fri Jul 24 00:22:42 BST 2009


we've got a small problem between kdevelop and kapptemplate (from kdesdk).
Both have a wizard to create a new code-project from some form of template.
Both apps use the same template format, so they can basically share the
templates. They don't yet use the same code for the wizard (but very
similar copies) as there's no base-library yet for both to depend on. Now
especially the common-template format puts us into a problem, KDevelop only
provides KDE4 application templates if kdesdk is installed. If kdesdk is
missing there will only be templates for basic CMake projects. 

Its obviously not possible to have the templates in both modules as they're
installed into the same place and hence conflict with each other.

Due to that and the possible code-sharing I'm thinking about having a new
module kdesdklibs which provides a library for building the application
wizard as well as the templates themselves. Another item that could be
moved into this module is the interface class from kompare to allow easier
access to the komparepart (currently requires a build-time dependency on
kdesdk) - I've just suggested that to Kevin Kofler the kompare
maintainer to see what he thinks about that.

I've also thought about just having a new lib+data inside kdelibs, but that
module is already big enough IMHO and shouldn't be made bigger for just two
apps with rather specific use-cases.


Oh and of course I volunteer to act as module coordinator for that module
and it'll directly follow the KDE release cycle :)


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