RFC: Moving RSIBreak to KDEUtils?

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at kde.org
Thu Jul 23 20:42:10 BST 2009

Hi Aaron,

Jeudi, le 23 juillet 2009, à 20:00, Aaron J. Seigo a écrit:
> On Sunday 19 July 2009, Tom Albers wrote:
> > I'm thinking about moving RSIBreak from extrageaur utls to KDEUtils. I
> > have
> in short: why? does rsibreak provide something required for a basic
> desktop? it seems like a very useful (and nicely done, btw :) app for
> helping people with computer usage self-discipline, but i don't see it as
> an application that is a must-have for a basic desktop.
> the core modules really ought to remain as "the basic stuff" with extragear
> adding lots of colour and fun. otherwise we get hundreds of niche apps in
> the main modules and they lose any point or purpose in life.
> things like a character selector, a calculator, wallet manager interfaces,
> disk management stuff, etc are pretty basic building blocks and belong
> nicely in kdeutils ... things like rsi should perhaps remain in extragear,
> however.

? Isn't kdebase supposed to deliver the basic desktop? Now this is a rule new 
to me. And it seems not a strict one: I have never used a character selector. 
How many people need a hex editor? So should these move to extragear perhaps?

And what about modules like kdesdk, kdeplasma-addons? Basic desktop?

> what is the motivation for moving it into kdeutils, exactly? 

Toma gave release management as a reason, cmp. the email you replied to.
Isn't this the only difference between the "normal" modules and extragear?

Okteta - KDE 4 Hex Editor - http://utils.kde.org/projects/okteta

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