Use phonon from Qt or kdesupport?

Marco Martin notmart at
Wed Jul 22 09:34:27 BST 2009

On Tuesday 21 July 2009, Pau Garcia i Quiles wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 1:30 PM, Thiago Macieira<thiago at> wrote:
> > Em Terça-feira 21 Julho 2009, às 12:15:06, Fathi Boudra escreveu:
> >> On Sun, Jul 19, 2009 at 7:18 PM, Pierre Schmitz<pierre at> 
> >> > On the other hand some apps like kaffeine only work with xine
> >> > backend. And because you cannot use different backends at the same
> >> > time you have to switch it in systemsettings everytime you want to use
> >> > for example Arora watching a video or kaffeine to watch TV. OK, I am
> >> > going off topic here a bit...
> >>
> >> not only arora or kaffeine, which are 3rd party applications atm, but
> >> dragonplayer (kdemultimedia) also.
> >
> > Applications shouldn't depend on specific backend functionality. If they
> > need something specific, add to the front-end API of Phonon and add to
> > *all* backends.
> Dependency on a specific backend is undesirable but some times it is
> also a requirement.

another example:
atm on linux only gstreamer backend (and directx on windows iirc?) can render 
video in a QGraphicsProxyWidget, so the video widget in plasma works only with 
gstreamer (i think is the same problem with arora?)

> For instance, if you want to play video coming from a RTSP source:
> - the Xine backend cannot do that (it does not support non-seekable
> sources) - the GStreamer backend is able to do that
> - the DirectX backend is able to do that but it requires to install a
> special codec and usually that special codec needs its own semantics
> (for instance, if you use the RTSP codec Axis provides, you need to
> use axhttprtsp:// instead of just rtsp://)
> Another case: Camtasia-encoded videos:
> - they don't work with the GStreamer backend because the codec is broken
> - they work fine with the Xine backend, provided that you have
> installed the win32 DLLs
> - they work fine with DirectX, provided that you have installed the
> Camtasia codec
> (the same is true for FFV1 and FFVHUF, the ffmpeg lossless codecs)
> So, in my case, I have an application which plays video from Axis
> surveillance cameras and also has to be able to play Camtasia-encoded
> videos (for training). Both at the same time. On Linux, this is not
> possible: if I use the GStreamer backend, I cannot play
> Camtasia-encoded videos. If I use the Xine backend, there's no
> surveillance cameras. I have not tried the VLC or mplayer backends yet
> but I'll be doing that next week.
> It would be nice if we could specify backend preference for each
> MediaSource. If that backend is not available, the next backend is
> tried.

Marco Martin

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