Patch KIO::AccessManager/WebKit Part...

Dawit A. adawit at
Tue Jul 21 22:27:43 BST 2009

Hello all,

This patch for KIO::AccessManager and KIO::MetaData will make it possible for 
the webkit part and perhaps in the future other users of KWebPage/KWebView to 
be able to use the meta data information. The motivation for this patch was 
the lack of any feedback (missing security icon) when you use the webkit part 
to navigate secure pages in Konqueror. Where as you get a little green shield 
icon in the location bar when you use KHTML.

Even with this patch though there is one outstanding issue in kdelibs. The KDE 
SSL dialog info header file, kio/kssl/ksslinfodialog.h, is never installed ; so 
the same code used in khtml_part.cpp cannot be used by the webkit part to 
display the SSL information when the user clicks on the little green security 
icon in Konqueror. Is there any reason not to include this header file during 
install ? Moreover, the SSL dialog and its configuration seem to have been 
changed/disabled in KDE 4 ? Am I wrong about that ? If not, was it done until 
things can be ported to use Qt's SSL classes ? 

Anyhow, there is a lot of left to be done in the webkit part that is for sure, 
but I am going to try and tackle those things I can and leave the rest to the 
more capable amongst you. I don't how current the TODO list posted at

is, but here are the things I want to look into as time permits me:

    Full KCookiejar integration. Currently HTTP Only cookie seem to be 
    fully supported by the virtue of the KIO integration. Only Javascript
    cookie integration seems to be missing.

    KWallet integration. Dunno where to start with this yet...

    Test all the other integrations: web shortcut support, user agent
    support, caching, etc etc. Some/most of these work, but still needs to
    be investigated...

    Looking into the Netscape plugin issues. Freezes up for me  (QtWebKit
    issue ??).

    Add support for all the link checking and authorization that exist in
    the KHTML part.

    Find out what cause of the annoying intermittent "Malformed URL" error
    when using the web kit part and fix it.

If any of you are working on parts or any of the things above please post here 
or let me know so we can avoid duplicate efforts in the same areas.

Please CC me when you respond since I currently do not receive responses 
posted to this mailing list.
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