New authorization library moved to kdereview

Thomas L├╝bking thomas.luebking at
Sat Jul 18 18:35:01 BST 2009

Am Saturday 18 July 2009 schrieb Nicola Gigante:
> So now we are:
>   kdesupport - 1
<strike>kdelibs - 1</strike>
     kdelibs - 2

> The poll continues: where do you want to put this library? :-)
if you don't want it to be used outside KDE at all and given the library has 
some use, pretty obviously to kdelibs
- though i'm (OT) as well in favor of deconstructing the kdelib blob (not as 
much as the GNOME mess, but a little bit ;-)

(another option might be to have a plain Qt variant in kdesupport and inherit 
a KDE variant in kdelibs if you wanted to support Qt only apps and somewhen 
figure you'll need kdelibs - already any -rough- idea for what?)


PS: what kind of t-shirt exactly can i win with this poll?

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