New authorization library moved to kdereview

Nicola Gigante nicola.gigante at
Fri Jul 17 22:07:42 BST 2009

Il giorno 17/lug/09, alle ore 22:30, Matthew Woehlke ha scritto:

> If it is qt-only, and you have no current plans of using KDE  
> libraries, kdesupport (or even an independent repo) might be better  
> since that could better encourage use by qt-only applications as  
> well as KDE.
> Just a thought...

It doesn't have to remain qt-only. It just doesn't need kdelibs at the  
moment. Anyway, I think that as more kde apps starts using it, it  
could become something like a system technology. For this reason I  
wouldn't like to put it on a separate repository. It's future  
development should remain tight to kde.

Do you think kdesupport is a right place? Would the inclusion in  
kdelibs make a wide adoption easier?

If I complete my gsoc project, i should develop an addition to kcm to  
use this library for administrative modules (like kdm for example). In  
this case, I think it being in kdelibs makes things easier.

Anyway, thank you

P.S. anybody has feedback to the code or the APIs? This is the time  
for refinements.

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