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Wed Jul 15 13:33:40 BST 2009

On Sunday 12 July 2009 15:07:14 Adam Treat wrote:
> On Friday 03 July 2009 04:56:44 am David Faure wrote:
> > On Thursday 02 July 2009, Adam Treat wrote:
> > > oreover, modifying konq source to use an entirely different config
> > > dialog if kpart != khtml strikes me as very bad idea.
> >
> > Sorry but this is yet another uninformed comment on the subject... The
> > config dialog pages are not part of konqueror sources! They are dlopened
> > kcmodules. We can easily dlopen different ones depending on the current
> > part.
> Hi, just got back...
> Regardless, whether the config modules are part of konq sources or not,
> they are not geared for non-khtml engines (or at least were not when I last
> worked on this problem)  What's more, swapping out these config modules for
> ones that are webkit centric is still not a good idea.  Changing the cookie
> dialog to an entirely different one when webkit VS khtml is used is going
> to confuse the hell out of users.  My only point is that the work is not
> trivial and that people shouldn't naively think that a webkitpart will be
> on same footing as khtmlpart when swapped out today.

You seem to be assuming that switching rendering engines is something casual 
users do, which is probably not true.

> > (And the homepage is entirely handled by konqueror, completely unrelated
> > to the html part).
> Yes, some of the modules are tied to khtml and some are not.  That is
> entirely unremarkable and I would think obvious given that Konqueror does a
> lot more than display web pages.  The home page example was must a lazy
> listing given that I was on a 16 hour flight to France at the time.


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