[PATCH] Add support for JEDEC/metric standards to KLocale::formatByteSize

Michael Pyne mpyne at kde.org
Wed Jul 15 03:17:09 BST 2009

On Sunday 12 July 2009 00:48:20 Michael Pyne wrote:
> The way I would like to go is that we get this support integrated into
> kdelibs.  From there we do two things:

I appreciate the feedback provided.  My patch is committed more or less 
unchanged (I had to correct some API documentation minor flaws).  Based on the 
feedback you all have provided I'm not going to add a GUI or go crazy adding 
uses of specific binary unit dialects.  I will, however, start work on a 
formatByteRate function and try to ensure that the KDE sources I have 
available use formatByteSize as needed.

Question on formatByteRate: Typically anything involving bits is given in 
decimal, so I intend to continuing that convention.  Byte rates are typically 
given in decimal as well from what I understand, but given the feedback I've 
had I take it that would be a bad idea to show e.g. "kB/s" for a user running 
default IEC units, and so therefore we'd prefer "KiB/s"?

 - Michael Pyne
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