Kill KIO (was: Repositioning the KDE brand)

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Em Terça-feira 14 Julho 2009, às 11:06:06, Pau Garcia i Quiles escreveu:
> Hello,
> > Qt-only programs always makes me wonder what is wrong with the KDE libs,
> > as these are supposed to help for better programs.
> One of the main hurdles on Windows is DBus. Then there's the awful lot
> of KDE libraries you need to redistribute: most of what you distribute
> are KDE libraries and its dependencies, and only a small part is your
> actual application.

The problem is not the KDE libraries. Using kdecore, kdeui, kpty, kutils, etc. 
is not a problem.

The "problem" is that the KDE libraries expect a KDE runtime environment. They 
will read from sycoca (which may trigger running of kbuildsycoca4), they will 
try and talk to kded, kglobalacceld, klauncher. KIO, in special, will ask 
klauncher to start the ioslaves to do I/O.

And all of that requires D-Bus.

Qt is a simply a toolkit library, integrating with the platform. KDE, on the 
other hand, *is* the platform, which means its libraries do "platform-y" stuff, 
like launching daemons, collecting information about installed plugins, 
requiring D-Bus. The libraries have their own concept of locale and settings, 
completely separate from the rest of the system even!

The way I see it, there's nothing *wrong* with this picture.

What could be considered wrong is if there's a nice feature that doesn't 
depend on anything of the "platform-y" stuff. If that's the case, then it 
should be moved upstream through the libraries. (Or the case of features that 
do depend on those things, but for silly reasons, like our locale formatting 
routines requiring KConfig)

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