KIO::listRecursive() with filters

Milian Wolff mail at
Thu Jul 9 19:46:46 BST 2009

Hi all!

I'm one of the guys hacking on KDevelop and ported the generic project manager 
to KIO to make it work for remote projects (think web projects on some server 
or similar).

I decided to use KIO::listRecursive() which works wonderfully. One big sore 
thumb I have with it, is performance. Perse it's wonderful, but users 
might/want/will filter what is considered part of their project. By default 
e.g. I filter hidden files and .svn|.git|CVS folders. One could think of a lot 

Right now, I have to filter what KIO::listRecursive() gives me. But this is 
potentially a lot of unwanted stuff since the list job recurses into filtered 
directories. Hence my sore thumb regarding performance...

How do you suggest should I fix this? Since listRecursive essentially just 
creates a ListJobPrivate I'd need to change that one. Esp. slotListEntries() 
if I see it correctly. Thing is: It's private, hence I can't simply overload 


Milian Wolff
mail at
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