[PATCH] Add option to use traditional binary units instead of kibibytes

Tom Albers toma at kde.org
Tue Jul 7 09:00:13 BST 2009

At Tuesday 07 July 2009 01:18, you wrote:
> I'll publicly post my patch, I'll maintain it myself, and I won't ever commit 
> it to svn since apparently technical working documents and standardization 
> attempts from 1999 are more convincing to people than common convention.  
> Heaven help us if we're not able to locate IEC standards documents allowing 
> computer hackers to count from 0, I'm not sure what we'll do then.

Hi Michael,

I think as a non-default, hidden option it is perfectly fine to commit.

I'ld love 160GB to show meaning 160000000000 bytes, but I'm close to the only one, so forget that. As default: no support for that. Gui option: I think that's nice to have in the country kcm somewhere, ( ideally with my insane definition of GB.)

Face it, we will never agree to one solution, so commit your patch to trunk and we are done unless someone wants to make that gui option.

My opinion.


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