KMimeType::findByUrl() misdetection for "Core"

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Sun Jul 5 22:03:39 BST 2009


for the details please have a look at:

What I'd like to know is wether an application should/can rely on
findByUrl() doing as much as it can to properly detect the right
mimetype. As far as I understood the API docs, this is the "catch all"
method that one should use if there's a url. From my understanding I
shouldn't need to care myself wether the url is local or remote and then
also do a KMimeType::findByContent(), is that right?

In particular the current documentation doesn't say anything about
the behaviour when a file has no extension, only the bugreport shows
that in that case there are some mimetypes which are matched based on
filename and that precedes over a content check - even for local files.


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