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Tom Albers toma at
Sun Jul 5 18:42:21 BST 2009

Op Sunday 05 July 2009 19:33 schreef u:
> On Sunday 05 July 2009 19:05:30 Tom Albers wrote:
> > Also there is the question what you do when the system has hibernated and
> > wakes up, how is that handled?
> Theorically that should count as an user action. I'll add some special cases 
> if testing creates some problems, though

I was more thinking about the idle signals, are a bunch signalled in that case? I can keep my custom code to detect it as the user does not need to be bothered with a break after the system has hibernated for a while. So if the lib can detect it, awesome. If not, fine ;-) 
> At the moment the library supports just one timeout at a time, but it will 
> support more than one. Obviously msec corresponds to the timeout value. The 
> final API would be something like
> addIdleTimeout(int)
> removeIdleTimeout()

Misses the int param probably.

> removeAllIdleTimeouts()
> ditching away the 2 current functions. Sounds cool?

Yep. I'm sure this lib can be used for Charm and for KTimeTracker too, so a welcome addition to KDE!

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