extragear dependency in kdemultimedia

Christian Esken esken at kde.org
Sun Jul 5 14:54:46 BST 2009

>> I am just wondering what to do to make KMix compiling again.

> rm $(kde4-config -- 
prefix)/share/apps/cmake/modules/FindLibKNotificationItem-1.cmake then rm 
CMakeCache.txt in the builddir of kdemultimedia, and then rerun cmake 

Interesting enough, I don't have FindLibKNotificationItem-1.cmake installed. 

> It was later moved to kdelibs/experimental. 
>-- Pino Toscano 

I am relying on the SuSE build service, and it seems to lack the
kdelibs4-experimental package. I guess this is a glitch in the SuSE build 
service, as the packages kdelibs4-experimental-debuginfo and kdelibs4-
experimental-debugsource are available.

I'll try to sort that out.

Thanks for the help.


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