[PATCH] Add option to use traditional binary units instead of kibibytes

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at kde.org
Sat Jul 4 10:26:36 BST 2009

Le Thursday 02 July 2009, Michael Pyne a écrit :
> This is forwarded from a discussion on kde-devel regarding binary units.
> I would like to commit the attached patch to trunk by the end of this week,
> if there are no major issues.
> Please please please do not email or flame about adding an option to use
> KB/MB instead of KiB/MiB without at least reading the kde-devel thread
> first.

The patch is wrong.
If there is an option to switch to KB,  then KB MUST means 10^3 B
This is the standard.  
Hard drive vandor follows that convention.
Not doing it would be wrong.
and power of 10 are more intuitive for human brain.

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