kdirwatch has problem to detect hard link change

sonald sycao at redflag-linux.com
Fri Jul 3 12:10:52 BST 2009

the problem comes up  when  I  traced the problem when using kcmshell4 clock
to set timezone, which is when you changed timezone second time,
the setting just lost. I found the real problem is that
KDirWatch loses watch on /etc/localtime.

I can reproduce the watch lose very easily:
   # inotifywait -m /etc/localtime
   # zic -l Asia/Shanghai
   # zic -l Asia/Muscat
   # touch /etc/localtime

After Change timezone to Muscat, subsequent changes to /etc/localtime
won't be watched. because KDirWatch use inotify (I'm using a linux distro), 
which monitoring file with respect to inode , not dir entry. 
zic relinked ( hardlink ) /etc/localtime, so inotify just told attrib 
change ( st_nlink change ) of the original file.

I post the patch a few months ago, and it seems that problem still exists
int KDE 4.3 RC, so I post here to see if it can make some help.

Sian Cao

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