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On Thursday 02 July 2009, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> (work on) Arora will soon have everything that I needed in a browser
> that I used to use Konqueror for.

and the KDE integration? (network settings, cookies, etc, etc)

proper KDE WebKit integration, and not just in a kpart (but also available as 
one), would be brilliant as it would allow applications that use webkit 
(though not as a kpart) to also take advantage of these things.

and this is why i suggest on my blog that people NOT discuss the issue of 
"which application, Konqueror or <foo>". 

it's a much more difficult discussion to have: people that would be in support 
of WebKit will be pro-Konqueror, and you'll just split the WebKit effort in 
two halves, dividing and conquering the entire process from within.

it also misses the point that we're talking about, or at least should be 
talking about, WebKit's availability to KDE in general. that goes beyond a web 
browser, and writing one more baroque application that uses WebKit internally 
(Arora) does not help that goal forward one bit.

so can we please focus on the core issue here of KDE and WebKit integration? 
it's something we can get consensus on, something that will benefit much more 
than just the web browser and something that needs to be done regardless of 
which applications are eventually chosen.

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