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On Tuesday 30 June 2009, nf2 wrote:

the other things i don't reply to here, i essentially agree with :) however:

> * System (or Platform, or infrastructure) technologies like ioslaves
> or kwallet: While KDE has been the "market leader" for a long time,
> comparable technologies have caught up or have even become "cooler".
> Therefore KDE could benefit from "incorporating" them. The "Platform"
> should move to the layer below KDE - things that are eager to be
> shared by everyone. You won't love me for that, but honestly: That
> part of the world should be ruled by GLib and GObjects...

that would be a HUGE mistake. the people who are myopically tied to glib and 
gobject are putting the entire F/OSS desktop at risk by trying to force others 
to use inferior technology just because it's what they know.

it's time to put this stupid "least common denominator" mentality behind us as 
that sentences us to using what adherents to the least competent technologies 
can offer. this is so completely ass-backwards it's not even funny.

it's also time people outside of the KDE/Qt world stopped reinventing wheels 
and throwing away years, in some cases a decade, worth of quality, proven 

the world has come around with WebKit, and that's progress. the kind of 
progress we really need, as opposed to reinvention of the same thing written 
to an inferior set of tools.

yes, that's blunt and probably painful for some to read. but it's truth. i'm 
tired of watching the erosion of our progress on the F/OSS desktop due to 
narrow minded politics and inflexibility.

we have proven in the KDE world that it's possible to be flexible. we've gone 
further than any other project out there on that point. we've done so where it 
makes sense, but it would be stupid to advocate doing it cart blanche and it's 
time to start advocating other projects to wake up to the challenge of making 
a successful platform rather than "their platform".

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