[PATCH] Improve rendering of DocBook documentation

Michael Pyne mpyne at kde.org
Wed Dec 23 07:31:23 GMT 2009

Hi all,

I blogged the other day about improvements (IMHO) to the appearance of our 
DocBook documentation and I wanted to go ahead and post a patch of what I have 
for review (attached).

It's cross-posted to -docbook and -doc-english but I'd prefer to keep the 
central thread on kde-core-devel (it's the only ML I'm subscribed to so please 
CC me otherwise ;)

ANYWAYS, there's essentially only 2 large effects:
1. An additional CSS file is used to style the documentation (I don't want to 
risk tweaking something in an existing CSS file we use and break rendering on 
something else). I'm tried to make some of the various callouts (note, tip, 
warning, etc.) more obvious while not eye-grating. Likewise I've tried to make 
the informal examples, screen output, etc. less irritating. (There's even 
rounded corners now, such as on GUI labels, thanks Fredrik!)

2. Also, the header/footer has been changed to be more like our current Web 
page designs (and hence, more like the output from our various KIO 
documentation filters). It's not a straight port of the KIO stuff as I took 
the opportunity to make the header actually fluid-width but I may backport it 
to the kioslaves for 4.5, who knows.

I've also added a couple of parameters useful for changing the email address 
and team name in the footer (in kde-chunk.xsl, used in kde-navig.xsl).

I've tested making handbooks and generating straight HTML (you can see the 
HTML on http://kdesvn-build.kde.org/documentation/) and looked at a few 
handbooks afterwards to see if I left out anything major.  I don't think I 
have but if so, it's just CSS, just let me know.

So, what are your thoughts?

 - Michael Pyne
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