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Burkhard Lück lueck at hube-lueck.de
Sun Dec 20 15:25:55 GMT 2009

Am Sonntag, 20. Dezember 2009 06:41:20 schrieb Jeremy Whiting:
> Hello,
> Burkhard Luck (sorry for the missing umlaut) pointed out to me that kttsd
>  is very deprecated at the moment.  I have made a lot of changes for the
>  4.4 release to the ui and underlying functionality also, but did not get
>  to the docbook.  It's very very bad, it mentions dcop in a number of
>  places, mentions a lot of things that simply aren't there in kttsd any
>  more (gstreamer output, plugins for synthesizers, etc. etc. etc.)  I
>  realize we are in string freeze at the moment, and suggest either:
> 1) allow me to remove most/all of the documentation for the 4.4 release
> 2) #comment the documentation so it will not be installed for the 4.4
> release because it has many things in it that will just confuse an end user
> In either case I'll work on cleaning it up for the 4.5 KDE SC.
> Anyway, let me know how I should proceed.  I'm not on this list, so don't
> forget to cc me in replies.
No documentation in 4.4 and waiting until 4.5 really isn't an option.

1) Remove all obsolete/outdated/confusing stuff from the current documentation 
until the first week of January, the result of this should then go into 4.4.0

2) Update the documention then until the release of 4.4.0 (February 9th), this 
updated doc should go into 4.4.1

Don't struggle with docbook markup, feel free to use any format you like. If 
you need any help with writing mail to kde-doc-english or drop me a note.

Don't worry about string freeze , I'll handle that as usual with kde-i18n-doc.

A friendly reminder to all devels:
Writing an excellent application is not suficcient, we have to enable our users 
to use them by providing ToolTips, QuickHelp, WhatsThisText and documentation.

So please check these issues for your application and send doc updates to kde-


Burkhard Lück

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