[PATCH] New image loader (Softimage PIC)

Ruben Lopez r.lopez at bren.es
Thu Dec 17 14:58:53 GMT 2009

I am attaching a patch for kdelibs 4.3.4 (latest stable, I assume),
which adds support for Softimage PIC file format. It is based in the
GIMP plugin, as stated in the licensing information present in the sources.

This patch modifies the CMakeLists of kimgio, to enable compilation of
the appropiate files, and modifies also the kde.xml mime package, to
make KDE recognize this file format. It also adds several source files
(4 cpp and 3 headers) with the code to read pics. I have noticed that
other formats are encapsulated in a single file. I have coded this
plugin in separate files to enhance the reading, not for its size,
because it is not bigger than others in the kimgio folder.

Could this be integrated in the next version of kdelibs?


PS: I have sent this mail 6 hours ago and it didn't came into the list, 
so I am trying again. Sorry if you get it twice.

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