using gettext for .desktop translations

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Sat Dec 12 05:39:15 GMT 2009

A Dissabte 12 Desembre 2009 03:23:26, Martin Sandsmark va escriure:
> On Saturday 12. December 2009 02.13.11 Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> > It's already been done in Ubuntu and SuSE.  Nobody has noticed any
> > notable overhead.
> Has anyone actually run some tests to see how much things slow down? The
> threshold for "reporting" slowness or sluggishness (which I guess the
> downsides from this would be) is pretty high, in my experience.
> It might make some things less complex, but if it comes with a significant
> (though negligible by itself) overhead, I'm not sure if it is a great idea
> (since the problem this new approach is solving is already solved
> satisfactorily by the current approach and tools, without the added
>  overhead).

I'm with Martin here, i'd like proof that overhead does not happen because 
common sense says it does.


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