Removal of KPackage from the KDEAdmin module

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Yup, KPackageKit is almost ready for a review to get in KDE 4.5
as my kids have just born I hope I still have time to do my last changes,
I'm planning on big revamp on the UI and then start writing the docs
(since the UI is changing a bit and writing docs about unstable UI is not

The place I really don't know where it would fit the best, since this kind
of app rellies on PackageKit and packagekit-qt versions which in some
sense might be a better idea to be in extragear so it can have more often
But KDEAdmin might be fine too.
iirc Aaron prefered it to be in KdeAdmin so I'd like some advices on where to


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> In playground we are developing Shaman ( 
> management-frontend ) which is actually a replacement for it with a different 
> architecture (the library underneath serves as a "Solid" of package 
> management), but we're aiming extragear for obvious reasons.
> I don't know if Daniel is interested in putting KPackageKit into kdeadmin, but 
> I think he's good with extragear as well to keep up with packagekit-qt.
> On Thursday 10 December 2009 16:51:03 Darío Andrés wrote:
> > Hi everyone.
> > As far as I know KPackage is currently unmaintained and outdated and
> > it should be replaced by KPackageKit in some ways or by any other
> > distro tool. Is that right ? so far I haven't seen too much activity
> > in its code (besides some generic optimizations)
> > - Should we remove this application from the kdeadmin module ? (we are
> > still getting bug reports from this app, as people tries to use it...)
> > (BTW, Kubuntu is not distributing this app anymore)
> > 
> > Thanks in advance
> > Regards
> > 
> > Darío A. (
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