Backwards compatibility of kdelibs/experimental

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at
Tue Dec 8 15:08:43 GMT 2009


 I have a question of about backwards compatibility of KNotificationItem and 
kdelibs/experimental in general and I don't mean just API. API is simple, 
there is no guarantee, but I don't see anything about the rest in .

 For example, KNotificationItem from 4.3.x does not work in 4.4.x workspace 
(the D-Bus name has changed). Fortunately, there is still the old systray 
mechanism, so there's no big loss of functionality as long as the old library 
is still around. And yes, there are apps outside of KDE SC that use it.

 Is it acceptable that something like that no longer works, and regardless of 
the answer, could it be added to the wiki page?

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