Catching resume from suspend?

Anders Lund anders at
Mon Dec 7 19:53:07 GMT 2009

Dario Freddi skrev:
> /me wonders if anybody reads what he writes...
> FYI, HAL is dead, and I won't repeat what I already said twice

I read. But I am looking for a solution, not for reasons to buy an apple 
device or a windows licence.

Ok, then I'll just have to realize that using KDE, you will allways sit back 
with the feeling that in between all the coolness, it is just not possible to 
create nice features right now. Sigh.

Sorry for the rant, but experiences like this is *really* frustrating. But ok, 
we will have to wait to kde sc 4.5 or later before laptop users can have 
usable desktop widgets that depends on time?

So what can I do to help getting this functionality into kde 4.5 or later?

Venlig hilsen,

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