Freeze exemption for PA integration into Phonon

Colin Guthrie gmane at
Sat Dec 5 20:06:00 GMT 2009

'Twas brillig, and Kevin Krammer at 05/12/09 16:20 did gyre and gimble:
> Phonon can't be treated like one of the other system libraries since it 
> depends on Qt itself, i.e. it can't be installed prior to building Qt.
> So it is more a matter of either not needing the symbols during build or not 
> install the interface libraries (doesn't have to build backends in any case).

Several packages need bootstrapping (e.g. how to compile gcc if you've 
not got gcc :p).

It's not too much of a problem to:
  1. Compile Qt sans-phonon
  2. Compile Phonon
  3. Recompile Qt + Phonon



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